Researchers' Informational Forum

During the 2011-2012 Fall Semester, the Office of the Executive Vice President and the Office of Governmental Relations met with all schools to discuss how to improve grant and contract operational procedures. Out of these candid discussions grew a list of concerns and issues that were systematically addressed as the team worked towards continuous improvement.

A presentation "Report on School Meetings" was given at the Faculty Institute on May 15, 2012, where the "What we heard/What we will do" summary was shared. The presentations addressed faculty concerns and communicated in a point-by-point fashion what the Offices of the Executive Vice President and Governmental Relations had done or were doing to resolve the concerns. The Researchers' Informational Forum (RIF) is an outgrowth of our problem resolution process. The Forum is also designed to create clearer lines of communication between faculty and the offices that directly support their funded research.

The RIF is a venue where faculty and staff questions and concerns are addressed by staff in the Office of Governmental Relations, and other colleagues across campus. Although the RIFs were originally a problem resolution tool, faculty and staff are also encouraged to share best practices at the forums. The primary mission of the Researchers' Informational Forum is to facilitate the successful pursuit and management of grants and contracts by providing a candid environment for problem resolution, the dissemination of information and the promotion of transdisciplinary research.

Previous RIF topics have included Budgeting, International Student Travel, the Federal Government Budget Crisis Impact on Research Universities, Financial Aid, and Purchasing - as related to externally funded projects. As we continue to focus on the researcher's needs and expand our reach as a useful tool, the Researchers' Information Forums will continue to be held from 3PM to 5PM, the second Thursday of every month from September through May. Please save the date. Invitations will be extended that will detail future topics and locations.