Title and Presenter Summary Date Duration
Interpreting the Results of Course/ Instructor Evaluations

By Spencer Baker
The webinar will provide detail to faculty regarding treating the ratings with caution, taking into account the mean scores, reviewing summative results and considering various methods of interpretation. March 28, 2013 00:43:03
Preparing an Effective Dossier
for Promotion and Tenure Review

by Dr. Zina McGee
The webinar will assist those individuals who are applying for tenure and/or promotion in constructing a dossier that meets the institutional guidelines for submission and appropriately documents their accomplishments in teaching, research, and service. Sept. 26, 2013 01:20:00
Documenting Academic Performance

By Spencer Baker
The webinar will review various forms utilized for documenting and evaluating faculty academic performance. October 24, 2013 00:29:31