Instructions for Use of GPA and Course Grade Calculator "Quo Vadis!"

› Download "QUO VADIS!" (221kb .xls)

These utilities run in recent versions of Microsoft Excel. To open "QUO VADIS!":

  1. Right-click the icon then choose "Open" or
  2. Double-click the icon

There are "tabs" at the bottom of the program that allow you to move from one utility to another. If you do not see tabs at the bottom labeled "GPA NEEDED" and others then:

  1. Click "Tools" from the menu at the top
  2. Click "options"
  3. Click the box for "sheet tabs"

If the screen is too large or small for your monitor:

  1. Click "View" from the menu
  2. Then click "zoom"
  3. Choose the percentage that fits your screen best

Information has already been added to the screens to illustrate how to enter data. To remove this information, highlight it and hit delete. You cannot hurt the program by entering or deleting information incorrectly--it has protected cells. If you do manage to disable it or have any other problems, email me at the address given on the "GPA NEEDED" tab.

GPA Needed Utility

To use the "GPA NEEDED" utility, you need your quality hours received prior to this semester, your current GPA and the number of attempted hours for this semester. These data should be on your mid-term report or transcript. A 2.0 GPA will automatically be calculated. If your "DESIRED GPA" causes the next row "GPA NEEDED..." to be greater than 4.1, you need to lower your "DESIRED GPA" or enter more attempted hours to represent more than one semester.

Mid-Term Average Utility

The "MID-TERM AVERAGE" utility takes your mid-term grade report and translates the letter grades into numerical grades and averages them, using the weighting of the quality hours. Your "GPA NEEDED" is brought forward from the first screen for comparison.

Departmental Honors Utility

The "DEPARTMENTAL HONORS" utility is useful for students and advisors. Enter all courses to be used for departmental honors in your department as you did mid-term grades. If you exceed a 3.5 GPA, you will graduate with departmental honors. I would suggest keeping a separate copy of this program labeled "departmental honors" and update it each semester. This sheet can be used by chairs and advisors by pre-slugging the appropriate courses and then changing the grades for students and printing them when finished.

Course 1,2,3,..AVG Utilities

The "COURSE 1,2,3,..AVG." utilities calculate grades in each course by using the numbers and weights of assignments from you syllabi, then entering your scores in the "EVALUATIONS" section. An important aspect of these utilities is that you can enter your own "Desired Grade" at the bottom. If the "Average Grade Needed" exceeds 100, lower your "Desired Grade". Be sure to enter your "Course" and "Quality Hours" at the top so that your cumulative running course averages and GPA will be calculated on the "AUTO SEMESTER AVG." sheet and appear as the "AUTO SEM. AVG" on the first page.

Please share this program with others and let me know if you think of improvements or have problems. My email address is: