Researchers' Bureau

Vitali Khaikine, Research Scientist
Department of Engineering, School of Engineering & Technology


M.S. degree in Computer Science, University of Wyoming, U.S.A., 2003 M.S. degree in Applied Mathematics, Saratov State University, Russia, 2001

Research Interests

Computer Modeling and Analysis, Numerical Simulations, Experimental Techniques in Engineering

Current Research Grants

“Acoustic Emission Safety Monitoring of Intermodal Transportation Infrastructure”, MSU, Principal Investigator and Research Scientist “AE Non-Destructive Integrity Assessment of Intermodal Transportation Infrastructure Asset Interactions”, Marshall University, Research Scientist

Past Research Grants

“Aeropropulsion Center”, NASA, Research Scientist “Optimal Waverider Design with Coupled Viscous Effects”, Lockheed Martin Corp., Research Scientist “Financially Oriented Research Calculus Experience (FORCE)”, NSF, Research Scientist


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